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Welcome to Nox Aeternum / Aurora Nova

The team from Aurora Nova is starting a new day: Nox Aeternum, the Eternal Night, a World of Darkness game that will be set in Boston. Unfortunately, the previous chat, including database and forums, were unrecoverable; we're working to bring our new site up to date as soon as possible, with new chat software, new forums, and a wiki to collect information about our rules and setting. If you have any questions, please contact us at

New Chat

Our new chat will be HTML based, so it should be accessible from more devices - for now, feel free to log in as a guest. (All accounts will be wiped at our official launch, in order to facilitate integration with our database.)

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Our Wiki is still in progress - before launch, it should include details on the setting, house rules, and character generation, plus a template for PC pages.

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The forum is also still in progress - accounts here will continue to be valid after launch, so feel free to sign up!

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