Choosing The Right Handbag

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Handbags are awesome. One should choose a bag to compliment and enhance her or his personal style. I think it's because bags are like little houses you carry around. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the size of the handbag you choose. Buy yourself some quality handbags are three basic colors- black, tan and brown.

This will guide you to choose the right handbag. Even though a purse is just an accessory, wearing the wrong style, size or shape can really ruin your look. With the numerous options available, affordable to all purses, theres no excuse for lugging around that worn and weathered handbag anymore.

Tall and thin: If you are tall and thinner than choose large size handbags or shoulder handbags as it will make your looking nice. For example, if you are tall and slim, go for a slouchy rounded handbag. It comes in a wide array of fabrics, sizes and colors that you can choose from.

Whether it's a leather tote bag, a cross-body bag, a bucket bag, a camera bag, the simplest hobo bag or a leather backpack, it goes without saying, that a women's large leather tote bags handbag might be considered as an extension of her body and therefore you just need to love it (or leave it).

If you are tall and slim, your handbag shall be rather wide than long and have a rather round shape. Having many types of bags to choose from may get overwhelming. If you want to make a statement consider choosing a bright coloured leather handbag in a classic colour such as red, navy or burgundy to pair with your daily corporate fashion outfit.

Some key ‘on trend' bags this season are the saddle bags with a curved shape; the shoulder flap bags and the top handle bags. On the contrary, if you are already a mom, leather bags and messenger bags are not appropriate at all. Being tall and slim allows you to get away with most purse styles.

Think about scale here: A woman who is 6 feet tall and a size 14 would look lost with a teensy hand-held bag. Handbag makes a necessary requirement and is also a fashion with many girls and ladies. If you need to go to school after work, you need a handbag that is big enough to carry your books and some files.

If one buys an expensive designer bag, one should make sure to always keep it in the dust bag that should have come with it. A good leather bag is an investment so it's a good idea to really love it. If any damages happen to the bag, a well-respected dry cleaner could possibly fix any problem with it. A last note is that people always to have fun with fashion and to stay true to themselves.

With many dressy handbags being smaller, you may have to be very selective about what you take but just make sure you can get your essentials in. You can opt for some middle-sized bags, but if you know how to match to your body type and height, why not go for the perfect fit.

Comb through magazines, watch online fashion videos, search for women that like the same style as you. Then, experiment with fun, funky styles and metallics for the other bags. Handbags are practical needs and at the same time fashion statement. If you're looking for an every day bag with a funky style, consider picking a purse with a unique design that's eye catching and will stand out among other bag.

Backpack-style pouch makes your image rather sportive, childish or touristic, therefor a man or a woman wearing elegant or business style of clothing shall avoid this type of handbags. Oversize handbags, shoulder handbags and clutch handbags will all look good with your body size.