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Welcome to Nox Aeternum, a Classic World of Darkness (cWoD) roleplaying site. This site is run by the the same people who brought you Aurora Nova. We are still in the process of rebuilding our site after several technical issues (more on that below) and thus we are currently not open for play yet. But we are nearing the point where we will be able to start pre-sanctioning Player Characters (PCs).

Classic WoD RPG Chat

Nox Aeternum is a cWoD site, which strives to use the most up-to-date source materials from Onyx Path Publishing. This means that we offer the 20th Anniversary Editions for all venues that have 20th Anniversary Editions published. For venues without this edition, we are using revised (except for Changeling: The Dreaming, in which case we are using the unrevised 2nd edition, until the 20th anniversary edition comes out).

Nox Aeternum

Nox Aeternum... More Latin? I know, right... The name was chosen in relation to Aurora Nova. Were Aurora Nova was New Day, Nox Aeternum is Eternal Night. We're nerds, for some reason we love our Latin and our word play. Eternal Night was chosen for more than just the word play with New Day. It was chosen for the grit of it and the relation to the themes of the World of Darkness. It was chosen because it does have ties to the name Aurora Nova.

Just like on Aurora Nova, we strive to provide a game that reduces the chances of staff getting unfair bonuses. There is no staff XP bonus; admin cannot play on the site at all; Venue staff cannot play within their own venues; Players get first stab at IC titles, rare splats (e.g., clans), and rewards; Players get first stab at leading plots.

Nox Aeternum X Aurora Nova

Why the name change? After all the technical issues, including the loss of two failed attempts to relaunch this site, at least two server crashes, the loss of all the data, and the need to migrate to a new server, our domain name was up for renewal. We discussed then and decided to go for a new name, given all of the issues we had relaunching. The new name also represents a fresh start. This has a sort of two-fold: First, it represents the relaunch and departure from the old setting; second, it is a new beginning for players again.

Unfortunately, we have had to do a hard reset on all venues, due to the loss of data. But this means old reputations, old issues that caused RP to grow stale, have been erased from the records. Like Aurora Nova was a fresh start for players and staff alike, so to is Nox Aeternum for the venues, settings, and characters.

Nox Aeternum Venues

Nox Aeternum plans to open with at the very least the following venues: Vampire: The Masquerade | Werewolf: The Apocalypse | Mage: The Ascension | Hunter: The Reckoning | Changeling: The Dreaming

About the Setting

Nox Aeternum is set in Boston, MA. More details to follow.

Creating a new Character

Each venue will have their own rules for creation. There are some rules which all venues will use for special splats, like police and military. These rules can be found in House Rules. Each venue page will have their own rules. Some can be found at Player's Resources.

Creating a WikiPage for my Character

Getting started is very easy! First, create a login on the wiki. Then, type your character's name below.

Each venue has their own templates for making characters, which can be found at the Character Templates Portal

The Staff

Staff lists can be found below:

VtM Staff | WtA Staff | MtA Staff | HtR Staff | CtD Staff